Scotland canal holiday hire on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canal from Scotland canal holiday hire on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals

Scotland Canal Boat Holiday Hire on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals

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The Scotland Lowland Canals can offer you the perfect canal boat hire holiday with so many interesting places to visit along the way. Scotland canal holiday hire can provide a quiet relaxing cruise or if you choose why not cruise to the cities of Glasgow or Edinburgh, the choice is yours! Scotland canal holiday hire on the Forth & Clyde
Forth and Clyde Canal

The Falkirk Wheel

Going back almost 100 years ago there were 11 locks used to connect the Forth & Clyde Canal being the canal running from Glasgow, to Edinburgh’s Union Canal. The need for numerous locks was due to the height difference of 150 feet between the two canal.
As part of a Millennium initiative the Falkirk Wheel was designed and constructed to provide a 21st century solution to join the 2 canals and provide a less time consuming passage between the canals.
It is a truly awesome and unique sight and well worth a visit.

Union Canal

Falkirk Tunnel

This is the longest tunnel built in Scotland. Built in 1822 solely because the owner of Callender House denied permission for the canal to be dug within view of the house. The tunnel therefore had to be dug with picks, shovels and gunpowder, excavating through limestone and millstone grit. The tunnel is a least 3.6 metres high and 630 metres long. Quite a task!
The tunnel was lit as part of the Millennium Link Project in 2000 and there is an Underground/ Overground Circular walking route which you can visit.

Antonine Wall

This is a Roman defensive fortification, built approximately 142AD. It covers 61km (38miles) from Carriden on the River Forth to Old Kilpatrick on the Clyde. Forts can be seen approx 3km apart one of which is Rough Castle.

Rough Castle

This is the best preserved fort along the Antonine Wall and is well worth a visit whilst on your scotland canal holiday.

Laughin' Greetin' Bridge

If you look up at bridge 61 (the first bridge east of the Falkirk Tunnel), you will be able to see faces carved into the stone at the top of the arch.
The contractor carved these faces – the Laughing face looks east where digging the level canal he had an easy job all the way to Edinburgh.
The Crying Face looks west, where the contractor had a hard task of digging the tunnel through hillside, through 11 locks to meet the Forth & Clyde Canal.


Scotland canal holidaymakers will find a visit to Glasgow well worth it, as there is something for everyone.
Rich in cultural interest, Glasgow is home to a number of world class attractions such as the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, the Burrell Collection, the Glasgow Science Centre, the Tall Ship and Glasgow Cathedral.
As a retail centre Glasgow has 500,000 sq. ft of retail floorspace including the Prince’s Square, St Enoch Centre, the Buchanan Galleries not to mention the huge variety of shops in the centre.
There is a year round calendar of events including the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, the West End Festival, Bard in the Botanics and the Celtic Connections to name but a few!
Your canal boat will provide you with a luxury base to visit the delights of the city of Glasgow whilst on your Scotland canal hire holiday.


Why not cruise to Edinburgh and visit the delights of this beautiful city. Your canal boat can provide you with luxury accommodation and the perfect base after visiting the sights.
Edinburgh has lots to offer you on your Scotland canal holiday, ancient monuments, castles, cathedrals and churches of architectural and historic interest, heritage sites, botanic gardens, cinemas, art galleries, museums, stately homes, theme parks, theatres, gardens, palaces and zoos.
A Scotland canal holiday as you can see has lots to offer whether you want to enjoy a quiet cruise exploring Scotland's canals or stop off and sample the delights of Glasgow and Edinburgh.